HP ProBook 4321S 4320S 4325S 4326S 4329s Keyboard

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HP ProBook 4321S 4320S 4325S 4326S 4329s Keyboards available

HP ProBook 4321S

Compatible with:

HP ProBook 4321S 4320S 4325S 4326S 4329s series laptop


original HP keyboard overlayed to UK Querty English layout,


Additional Product Information:

Condition: Tested & Working.

Warranty: 3-Month.
For more information about the warranties we offer kindly contact us.

If you have any questions about this HP probook Keyboard then please contact us.

Primary Keys Secondary Keys Behavior
F1 Fn + F1 Activates Sleep Mode
F2 Fn + F2 Toggles Number Lock on/off, requires activation in BIOS (For Embedded Keys)
F3 Fn + F3 Toggles Scroll Lock
F5 Fn + F5 Toggles Touchpad on/off
F8 Fn + F8 Toggles between external displays and/or the internal LCD
F10 Fn + F10 Go back to previous track in Windows Media Player
F11 Fn + F11 Play or Pause track in Windows Media Player
F12 Fn + F12 Skip forward to next track in Windows Media Player
Home Fn + Home Activates SysRq
End Fn + End Copies the desktop screen to the clipboard
Insert Fn + Insert Activates Pause
Up Arrow Fn + ↑ Increase LCD brightness
Down Arrow Fn + ↓ Decrease LCD brightness
Right Arrow Fn + → Adjusts Keyboard Backlight Brightness (Optional)


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